Fitzgerald Formliners

The Finest Architectural Concrete Begins With The Best Formliner.

For over 30 years, Fitzgerald Formliners has been developing and manufacturing the most technically advanced form liners. 

Fitzgerald offers the most innovative products and latest manufacturing methods available. From design through to the final product, Fitzgerald’s attention to detail and quality engineering will guarantee a creative and cost-effective architectural finish for your next project.


Formliner Types


Single or Multi-use Vacuum Formed Plastic Formliners

Vac-U-Form liners allow for cost effective architectural detail for tiltup, cast-in-place or precast applications. They are ideally suited for small or medium areas of coverage where only limited or a single use of the liner is required.

Interlocking Trapezoidal Extruded Plastic Formliners

VinyLok formliners can be extruded in lengths of up to 12 metres for use in tilt-up, precast and cast-in-place concrete applications. This unique interlocking system provides the ideal solution for projects where seamless finishes are required.

Interlocking Seamless Formliners

FitzLok single use interlocking formliner panels provide a seamless, simulated, smooth brick or block masonry finish. FitzLok formliners reduce labour time by allowing you to quickly and easily “snap” formliners together.

With more than 250 standard and custom patterns, Fitzgerald Formliners offer an unrivaled variety of design options and possibilities. These patterns include fluted ribs, fractured ribs, masonry, sandblast, stone, wood, geometric shapes and the unique brick gasket systems.

From conceptual design through to the final product, Fitzgerald Formliner’s attention to detail, quality and engineering guarantees the most creative and cost-effective solution for your project.