graphic concrete

More freedom & options for architects

graphic concrete® offers a new way to produce a patterned concrete surface.

the options

graphic concrete® allows you to use concrete in new and stylish ways; add the desired effect to a concrete surface by selecting a pattern from one of graphic concrete® collections, or develop your own, unique design.


Stylish repetitive patterned and textured surfaces designed by graphic concrete.


GCPro™ represents unique patterns designed by Architects and Designers.


Enables you to to transfer artwork or photographs to precast concrete surfaces.

How does graphic concrete® work?

Graphic concrete® technology is the printing of a surface retarder on a special membrane.

Concrete is cast on top of the membrane and the retarder slows the setting (hardening) of the concrete in the selected areas. The unset, softer concrete surface is high pressure washed, revealing the fine aggregate finish.

The actual pattern (or image) on the surface of the concrete then results from the contrast between the smooth (or fair-face) finish and the exposed aggregate. Colour pigments can be added to the cement and aggregates of different colours can also be used to further enhance a pattern or design.

Casting of the concrete elements take place in a precast yard. The membranes are ordered through Reid, printed by graphic concrete™ and delivered to the precaster specifically chosen for that project by the architect, developer or builder.

Project references



Location Brisbane, Queensland
Project Type Precast facade panels using graphic concrete®
Product GCArtDesign™ custom design
Precaster Austral Precast
Designer UAP Studio

Reid were invited by Westfield to present graphic concrete® technology to the Westfield Design and Construction team and discuss their plans for the re-development of their Garden City complex. Over the course of the next year was the evolution of design options for the Link Road facade.

What began with the proposed use of the standard repeating GCCollection™ Grass™ pattern, morphed into unique street art themes designed by UAP Studio, utilising GCArtDesign™.

The abstract flower design spans 30 large precast concrete panels, to form an imposing multi-coloured, three-dimensional decorative exterior facade mural.



Location Geelong, Victoria
Project Type Precast facade panels using graphic concrete®
Product GCArtDesign™ custom design
Precaster Otway Precast
Designer ARM Architecture

Unveiled by the Greater City of Geelong in September 2012, the new Geelong Library and Heritage Centre is a spectacular addition to Geelong’s architectural and cultural landscape.

The nine storey, state-of-the-art facility features a unique Dome design developed by renowned Melbourne firm, ARM Architecture. With an aim to complement, rather than to compete with the existing heritage buildings in the precinct, ARM Architecture opted for an ultra-modern design.

The unique “eroded” Dome design pursues the idea of blending the building and Johnstone Park. Central to this vision was the specification of graphic concrete® GCArtDesign™ on a grand scale. Having first considered graphic concrete® on The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, ARM Architecture earmarked the technology early in the conceptual design stage to create a series of “3D hexagon plinths”.